For Winona Mall Merchants that would like an update to their webpage information on the website.

Open hour changes, update frontpage photo, other details/wording in the body of the text.
Also if your social media addresses change or you want to add a new one, just let us know.

Page Layout
Merchant Page Layout Notes
Merchant Page Layout Notes
Logo sizes – 500 pixel width or larger is ideal for your Merchant page (show at the top of page)
Slogan/Intro – Up to 1-2 sentences.
Social Media Icons/Links – let us know of any Social Media links you use in your business and want to have linked from.
Youtube Video – If you have a short youtube video/commercial you’d like us to embed into your page we can do that. Just send us the Youtube address(easy to get by going to the video on Youtube and copying the address show.
Image Slideshow – we can add a 3-5 image slideshow showcasing your business products, people, services, etc. Just provide us with the images(ideally, all the same size), or we can come in and take them for you.
Page Description – We can update your page description (up to 160 words that the search engines show to describe your page.)

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